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Tomb Raider Anniversary Pc Game Save File Download

Tomb Raider Anniversary Pc Game Save File Download

tomb raider anniversary pc game save file


Tomb Raider Anniversary Pc Game Save File Download >> http://shurll.com/bk9ee




















































Tomb Raider Anniversary Pc Game Save File Download


Tomb of Qualopec - tra04tq.zip. Back up your existing autosave and TRAProfile. WHAT ARE SAVEGAME FILES?. So, for example, if you have completed a level but missed some artifacts or relics, downloading another player's save file would not change this. Then, if you want to load them later, move them back into the 'Tomb Raider - Anniversary' folder, as described above.


All above zips - traall.zip. Important: make sure you backup (copy) your existing savegame directory before unpacking, you will LOSE your own progress. Make sure that is the exact directory and you didn't unpack it into a folder with some other name. TRASavesUltimate.zip (20KB) - (All Unlocks Developer Level) TRASavesFullUnlocks.zip (5KB) - (All Unlocks) TRAsaves.zip (101KB) - (Finished game) TRASaves2.zip (102KB) - (Finished game Finished Croft Manor) Ize100ProSave.zip (6KB) - (100% Finished game). If you finish the game without all the bonuses, you are welcome to download the PSP - Game 100% Complete save above.


That way, you'll get all the artifacts and relics for the levels you've completed, but you will still have the opportunity to find the remaining ones yourself. TRAlevelprofiles.zip - A collection of 15 different TRAProfile files made at the end of each level in the game, with all artifacts and relics found up to that point. I highly recommend that you do not rely exclusively on the autosave while playing through the game. Then if anything goes wrong and you are unable to use the downloaded files, you can move your own files back into the profile folder and continue playing from where you left off.NOTE: Instead of step 4, you could also start playing the game, create a new profile, start a new game using that profile, and then quit. for the Mac saves and advice. If your questions weren't answered on this page, or if you have suggestions for how to improve this savegame "walkthrough," please feel free to contact me. Choose the 'Save' option. Multi-Point Game Save Installer [170k] .


Then play the game as usual. Otherwise, open 'My Documents' through the Windows Start Menu. (Right-click anywhere inside the folder except on the name of an existing file and choose 'New' then 'Folder' from the pop-up menu.) Drag or copy and paste the files 'autosave.TRASave' and 'Profile.TRAProfile' into the new folder. Click any of the file links on the savegame download page. TRAstellaprofile.zip - My TRAProfile with the game completed, all artifacts and relics found but no time trials done. c54992edb8

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